Shital's-Kitchen: Potato Pancake/ Batata Na Pudla

Monday, August 13, 2012

Potato Pancake/ Batata Na Pudla

Potato pancake or બટાટા ના પુડલા, a delicious, mouthwatering snack :) Who does not like potatoes!! One of our favorite food during fast (and even otherwise:)) With all Hindu fasts and festivals lined up, variety in food is a must! This pancake is prepared by just using grated potatoes and spices.

Pealed and grated potatoes

One of my favorite appliance in my kitchen, Food processor! I use this all the time to chop, grind, make a dough or grate. Today I used it to grate potatoes. Specially in a recipe like this, where you need lot of potatoes, grating them manually is time consuming and laborious.
I love my Food Processor!!

Grate potatoes to obtain long potato strings. If you are grating it manually, avoid making it too thin or it turns mussy.

 Transfer in a large mixing bowl.
Add salt, finely chopped green chillies, finely chopped cilantro, lime juice, red chilly powder (and any other spice you would prefer, like garam masala)

Mix spices well with grated potatoes. I like to use my fingers and palm for good mixing :)
Heat a non stick pan or a skillet. Add few drop of oil. Take a handful of potato mixture and spread it on the pan or a skillet. Do not squeeze out starch water that potatoes have let out. This starch water will allow grated potato to bind. Lower the heat or get the skillet off your stove while spreading the mixture. This is a popular maharashtiran cooking method while cooking Thalipeeth.

Size, shape and thickness, entirely depends on how comfortable you are handling grated potatoes on hot skillet. Don't worry, this is sure to taste yummy!
Add few drops of oil. Oil seeps through the potato mesh to make it crispy. The steam allow the potato to cook and binds all the strings.

Allow the bottom to cook and turn golden brown before you flip it. Use your spatula to press the pancake, which will allow it to bind and not come apart when you flip it.  
Use a wide spatula to flip the pancake ad let it turn golden brown and crisp on both sides.

Use a wide spatula to flip the pancake, and let it turn golden brown and crisp on both sides.

Serve hot with plain yogurt and cilantro chutney.

**Grate some cheese or paneer (cottage cheese)


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    Can we eat spices like red chili powder and Garamond masala during fasting?