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Friday, November 30, 2012

Veggie Omelet/Pudla

Veggie Omelet or Pudla/પુડલા is an eggless omelet, wholesome meal! It is made with gram flour batter and veggies. Serve with a slice of bread and cheese! My husband enjoys this with some tomato ketchup but my mom likes it with some green, spicy, cilantro chutney :)

Finely chopped 1/2 onion, cabbage, small bell pepper, cilantro, 1 tomato

Add Salt, 1 tsp. tumeric, 1 tsp. chilli powder, 1/2 tsp asoefotedia/hing/હિંગ
Mix well and let it rest for 5 min. This would cause the veggies to sweat so that adding gram flour then is easy to mix.

Add 1 cup chickpea flour/gram flour/besan/ બેસન

Mix well. Add little water till the batter is of flowing consistency. Mix it well to get rid of any lumps.

Heat a griddle or a flat bottom nonstick pan.

Pour 1 ladle full of batter on the hot griddle
Drizzle 1/2 tsp. oil on the sides on the omelet and little on the top.
Fry it till it get golden brown.

Flip it and allow it to turn golden brown on both sides. 

You could make it round in shape. I like to make it squarish so that it fits well onto the slice of the bread.

Use a metal cookie cutter on the griddle and pour the batter in the center of the cutter. Thus a fun shape of veggie omelet could be served to kids!

Use these cute silicon egg rings for Veggie Omelets!

Pour the batter in a waffle maker to make perfect veggie waffles that are savory to taste!

Top it with a slice of cheese and serve them with ketchup or chutney!

Enjoy Veggie Omelet and Veggie Waffles!

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