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Saturday, October 19, 2013

How Ready Are You?

I was so excited!! I opened this big box full of goodies from India! Oh yes, they were goodies. If you are thinking a box full of sweets or mithais or candies, you are absolutely wrong :) These are my favorite clay pots and diyas for Diwali.

With Diwali just around the corner, there's a lot to be done, and it is time I get going. I finally got to open up these carefully and wonderfully bubble wrapped pots that my mom brought during her US trip last summer. Yes, my mom was just a carrier. :) These pretty clay pots were sent by my Didi. Okay, let me back up a little...

My Didi is actually my first cousin by relation, but because of our age difference, she has always been a mother figure to me. I grew up staying with her while I was in kindergarten, and I would never forget "Snow Man's tall, creamy cone ice cream" just next to my school at Beach Candy in Mumbai. While I was growing up, most of my weekends were spent with her shopping, cooking or trying a new restaurant or a new cuisine. My knowledge of food and flavor comes from her too. Maybe, it just runs in our family!

Just before Diwali, we would shop for plenty of these handmade clay pots from potters in Mumbai, and I would love to sit for hours a day to make them beautiful, bright colored, and adorn them with rhinestones, beads, glitter and much more. A budding entrepreneur I was!

My love and desire to paint and decorate these cute pots did not end with our move to the US. I would buy a few of these unpainted pots from an Indian store. Trips to Michael's Art and Craft store increased too and I bought wonderful colors and supplies to get ready for festivities. Although, I would decorate the entire house with colorful candles and diyas, I would never refrain from gifting these to my friends.
Here are few pictures of diyas bought from the Indian store and some fancy ones that my mother-in-law bought from India.

Finally, two years ago, when I expressed my desire and interest to showcase my work, UTSAV was born! 'Utsav', Handmade Art and Gift show by Anusha and me was held on October 6, 2012! Thanks to my Didi, who shopped around 200 diyas, and my mom, who sent me beautiful wooden carved stencils from India, I could paint and showcase my talent here. Love you both!!

Here are few pictures of ongoing work. I would spread them out on the floor and allow 24 hours or more of drying time. 

'Utsav' logo designed by Anusha!
Photography and Poster designed by our friend Bhakti!

The Big Day!

Now that you have seen my enduring love for diyas, it is time to get ready for this year. Do you shop for diyas that are painted or do you like to self paint and adorn them? Diya painting could be a great family bonding activity. Hand painted diyas also reflect your personality and style, and will be unique and one of a kind! If you have never painted diyas, try a few this year!

Here are mine! I soak them overnight in a tub of water. This will help clean diyas and remove loose debris of dust and clay. This would facilitate the paint to adhere to the pot. I let them out and allow them to rest for another 24 hours to dry well.

While I start adorning these, I will update few pictures everyday.
I will also share some cute and edible Diwali ideas.

Last year, I hand molded a Kindled Diya Cookie Cutter to make cookies or sweets.
I will share a step-by-step process of creating this cookie cutter in my next post and other exciting ideas with it too, to make your Diwali special.

Here is Baked Kaju Puri for Diwali
Here is a handy Diwali Calendar
Dhan Teras: November 1
Kali Chawdas: November 2
Diwali: November 3
Gujarati NewYear: November 4
Bhai Beej: November 5

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  1. Which brand and type of color do you use for the diyas?