Shital's-Kitchen: October 2013

Sunday, October 20, 2013

DIY- Cookie Cutter

Last year, while going through ETSY, I found cookie cutter in the shape of Diya/a clay pot specially for Diwali. They looked so cute and attractive. While I was about to order one for me, I realized they were all sold out. I was sad! But, where there is a will, there is a way and Google has solution to all! :)

I looked up for 'How to make a cookie cutter?' Eureka! it was possible, and found quite some interesting ways to make a cookie cutter for Diwali. Here is the one I made last year and saved $12 :)

You will need a food safe aluminum foil. scissors, pliers (optional) stapler with pins, card board, ruler, paper and pencil.

Cut the sides to obtain a flat sheet.

Be careful of the sides.  Use pliers or a ruler to press uneven edge.

 Now, we need to make a long strip of metal, to mold it to the desired shape.

This was one strip from last year.

Use a ruler to mark points and divided the sheet into 3 or 4 equal parts.

Use a ruler to fold 1/2 inch on the edge inwards.

Use pliers or tongs to press the sheet well.

To obtain a long strip, you might want to combine two of these together.

Staple them well to avoid sheets from getting apart.

Strips ready to be molded.

New cookie cutter designs for Diwali! Draw your favorite shape and the size of your choice on a sheet of paper.

Kindled Diya


Paisley or Keri Design

Cut the design and trace it on a cardboard or a thick plastic sheet.


Use a string to measure the circumference of the design. This will facilitate to measure the length of aluminum strip to be used.

Bring the edges together, just like we did earlier.

Start molding the strip along the cardboard circumference.

Staple the edges, and your mold is ready!

Worked on two leftover diyas from last year. Here is glitter red and glitter blue over metallic silver.

Metallic gold puffy paint over mettalic purple. While the puffy paint is fresh, I use a pin to pick each tiny rhinestone and place it on the color.
Will share pictures as these dry out. 
Share some cookie cutter ideas for diwali. I will try to make those and will share it here.

Next, I will make some cookie diyas and will adorn them, just like I adorn the clay diyas!
So, watch out for more.