Shital's-Kitchen: Strawberry Jam

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Strawberry Jam

California has such a pretty climate for strawberries and to top it all there are strawberry farms to select and pick your own strawberry and eat as many as you can. This was a big attraction for my parents while they visited us from India. Although they have seen strawberry farms in Mahabaleshwar, India, there is nothing like being able to pick you own. It was a fascinating experience for all of us. Pictures speak for themselves!

We carried 13 pounds of freshly picked strawberries back home!

 We deserved Alloo Kulche, chole, pickle, onions and raita after a brilliant pick.
Totally Indian way of picnicking. Super windy climate...see how Snehanshu weighs my plate down while he lost his kulcha in the wind!! :)

So now that strawberries were home, cleaned and washed them to start preserving not only the strawberries but all the fun we had together and to share the sweetness and freshness with everyone back in India.

This is how you could make your Jam!
Puree strawberries. Keep it chunky or non chunky as per your choice.

Snehanshu as well as my sister both love it non chunky :)

Love this new set of measuring cups, a gift from one of my students. :)

In a heavy bottom pan mix 1 cup pureed strawberries with 1 cup sugar. Mix well and start heating it. 

Add 1 tbsp. lemon juice to prevent sugar from crystallizing when cooled. 

Bring it to boil.

Love my another great tool...Candy thermometer. Bring the sugar temperature to 220F. which would take around 15 minutes to reach the desired temperature.

If you do not have a candy thermometer...  chill a plate in a freezer. Pour a spoon full of boiling jam and let it cool.

 Tilt the plate. If the jam is set well it will not flow much. You can always select the desired consistency. Remember it is going to continue to cook and thicken and set when cooled. This is a jam made without using pectin or any preservatives. It has a touch of freshness and homemade!

Pour in clean sterilized bottles. I placed these bottles in a microwave for 15 minutes at 220F temperature. 

 Jam bottles ready!

Although Snehanshu is not a big fan of Jams, he enjoyed this freshly picked homemade Jam on his morning toast :) A great success! 

Bubble wrapped the bottle to send it to my sister in India. 
She clicked these snaps and this is what she wrote on my FB timeline.
"Thanks to you I ended up tasting the worlds best strawberry jam. I don't think I will spread it on the bread. It tastes perfect as is it.. Love u for making it."
:) I so love you and miss her too Deepu!!

When are you making yours?


  1. This is the first time I have tasted home made jam.. Its absolutely lovely.. it's not too sweet and we can not only taste the strawberries but can feel the freshness in it..
    I don't think I'm ever going to buy the jam from store. U have to supply it to me forever

    1. :) Sure I will make more for you. Will try more variety now and I now u r a perfect critic :)