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Friday, August 2, 2013

Dehydrated Guvarphalli Chips

 Although most of the veggies are available throughout the year, it is an experience to sun dry/dehydrate them and preserve them! That is what we did this summer. Few of my favorite Indian veggies;  guvar/guvarphalli (cluster beans), bhindi (okra), karela (bitter gourd), fansi (green beans) were dehydrated and store for later use. (Will put all recipes and pictures.)

Guvarphalli/clusterbeans are mostly available is summer due to its cooling properties. When dried and then fried makes a great accompaniment with rice and curries.

Start with clean whole guvarphalli/cluster beans.
Spread them on a metal tray and place the tray in the sunniest spot of the balcony or backyard. 

Depending on the amount of heat it may take 3-4 days to completely dry. Do not store in the jar with any moisture.
Bring the tray of veggies indoor to prevent dew. moisture or precipitation to settle on it the next morning 

You could also dehydrate them using your over. preheat the oven to the lowest temperature. The lowest temperature I set my oven to was 180F. Place the tray with cluster beans in the preheated over. It may take around 6-7 hours for cluster beans to dehydrate. do not want to bake them, you are just dehydrating them.
Store in airtight container in dry place for the entire year.

Heat oil in a pan containing a lid. Fry 5-6 cluster beans at a time. While you add cluster beans in hot oil, immediately cover it. 
Why?? these cluster beans have seeds in them when you fry it without making a slit in them, they tend to pop and splatter oil around. Be careful!!
it just take 5-7 seconds to be fried. Over frying may change the taste and color.
Remove on a paper towel and sprinkle salt. Red chilli powder/ pepper powder/ chat masala is all optional.

Serve as a side with rice, vegetables and curries.
 And, Enjoy this crisp, delicious Condiment!

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