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Friday, January 10, 2014

Choco-Nut Wontons with Icecream

Last weekend, we invited Snehanshu's childhood buddy, Arun over for dinner with his wonderful family. Yes, childhood: (since they were in elementary school), and I think they met again after a decade. Snehanshu could not stop talking about their childhood stories, and I am sure Arun would have done the same. Great time, great company, and I shot a video of them playing on Xbox. I am sure it would be memories refreshed for these childhood buddies!!

Wontons for dessert!! This has been lingering in my mind since a long time, and what better opportunity was I going to get than this one? Fried food, ice-cream, chocolate...these are surely foods that most people enjoy and relish. There it was. I just froze the idea! :)

Here is the recipe, and pictures to tempt you :)

Roast a cup of roughly chopped nuts in a heavy bottom pan till they get slightly brown  in color. 
I went with almonds, cashews and walnuts. I would have also added some raisins, but Snehanshu is not a big fan of dried fruits.

Add nuts and dried fruits and berries of your choice. More the Merrier!

When cooled, add chocolate chips. 
I like milk chocolate the best, but you could go with dark chocolate or mint chocolate too.

To make chocolate sauce:
Melt 1/2 cup chocolate chips in a microwave for 60 seconds. Whisk 1/4 cup of milk and heat it again for 15 seconds.

Chocolate sauce ready to be drizzled over the dessert.
Warm it up for 10 seconds before serving.

Premade wonton wrappers, great for quick cooking and entertaining. These are available in various shapes.

Fill a tbsp. of chocolate and walnut mixture in the wonton and seal the edges by applying water. There should not be any tear or holes in the wonton. When you deep fry them, the chocolate chips would melt in a coat over the nuts for ooyee, gooyee yumminess. 

 A sample plate to taste before our friends arrive :) Just to make sure the assembly and drizzling of chocolate sauce would go well.

Appetizers: Spring rolls and potstickers
Dessert: wontons
All set for the party.

Ready to enjoy the yumminess!!

Here are wontons wrappers in a different shape.

You need not wait to host a party.
Enjoy this delicious melted Chocolate with Ice-cream!

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  1. Hi Shital, this is very nice dessert :)

    Just wondering, can i use Puff Pastry instead of Premade wonton wrappers ???
    Please advise, i want to make it tomorrow.
    greatly appreciated.