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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Samosa Pav

True Mumbai is experienced on the streets with the hustling-bustling traffic, cars and auto rickshaws honking, people commuting for work, double-decker buses, roadside construction, and food stalls.Yes, I am missing all this, and my friends from college days. We spent time studying, on group discussions and attending classes. As soon as we would have a break in between classes, we would rush to our small canteen where we could buy either Wada Pav or Samosa Pav.  This was our everyday snack!

Delicious, fresh, hot samosa, sandwiched between pav buns with sweet, spicy and garlic chutneys makes a staple meal of most people in Mumbai.

This post is dedicated to my friends with whom I shared a wonderful time in college.
Make fresh Samosa. Apply date and tamarind chutney, spicy cilantro chutney and garlic chutney to sandwich samosa.  Enjoy with pan-fried green chilli.

Lip Smacking Delight!!

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