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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Chiles Toreados

Mexican cuisine is so very similar to Indian cuisine. Rice, Beans, Tortillas...not just ingredients but even flavors are much similar. Salsa in Mexican cuisine is just like cachumber side in Indian... Chopped onion and tomato cachumber is so deliciously flavored with salt, lime juice, and lots of cilantro adds to flavors of the Indian food. The same is applicable to Mexican Salsa or Pico Da Gallo. It is one of my favorites.

Carlos, a chef at my work once served roasted jalapeño with Mexican food. It reminded me of fried green chilies that are served in Indian cuisine especially with street food and wada pav. So I researched more on these chilies and here is an interesting website I came across. Mexico in my Kitchen. The author is a teacher and a passionate cook from Mexico settled in the USA, and I could totally relate to her story. Mely Martinez explains the recipe of Chiles Toreados really well. 

So I served pan toasted jalapeño during Mexican fiesta which was perfect for our Indian palate!

Slit and de-vien jalapeño. Toast on hot griddle with some oil. Sprinkle some salt and let it toast well.  

Mexican Fiesta!

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