Shital's-Kitchen: Kuttu na Dhokla/ Healthy Buckwheat Dhokla

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kuttu na Dhokla/ Healthy Buckwheat Dhokla

Dhoklas are savory, steamed snacks from Gujarat (western part of India). Buckwheat is called Kutu in Gujarati.

Buckwheat is a healthy grain not related to wheat thus making it gluten-free. This is one of the grain that is permitted during Indian fasts. Here is the link for nutritional value of Buckwheat

Buckwheat is available as grouts, broken and flour. I have used all three types in variety of dishes. Not all nutritious things are boring and specially if there is something interesting to eat during Hindu fast; it is even better!  :)

I found broken buckwheat at 'Whole foods' and 'Sprouts market'. Buckwheat/Kutu flour is easily available at the Indian grocery store.

In 1 cup of buckwheat, add 1 cup yogurt and water to form batter. Cover and keep it aside for 2-3 hours.
Add chopped green chillies, salt, cumin seeds, grated ginger and 1 tsp. ghee/clarified butter (optional)
I have made it without ghee too.
Mix well. Prepare a steel plate/thali for steaming. Grease the plate with ghee or oil.
Pour the buckwheat batter till half of the plate is full.

Sprinkle pepper powder for fresh flavor. (optional)

Steam covered in a bath of water for 7-8 mins.
 Buckwheat cereals cook and swell in size.

Cool for 2-3 minutes before you cut them into pieces.
Serve with green cilantro chutney.

Enjoy Nutritious Buckwheat!


  1. hey shital...can we make this dhokla with kuttu flour too..if yes , thes process would be the same ?

    1. Hi Anshika,

      I haven't tried with Kuttu ka flour. You may want to add ENO to it before making dhoklas to get soft and fluffy ones if you are using flour. I will try it out some day and will add it for you.

      Till then!
      Happy Cooking :)

  2. Hey Shital, Very nice recipe. Love all your recipes. Can I use moraiyo instead of buckwheat? Thanks in advance.


    1. Thank you Bilva :) Yes you can use moriyo too instead of kutu.