Shital's-Kitchen: Dal Dhokli

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dal Dhokli

Dhoklis are Indian pasta or dumpling. Dal dhokli specially belongs to Gujarat, a Western state of India. This is a Gujurati delicacy!! Can't believe the similarities and the differences in the world cuisines. Whether it is Italian pasta or Chinese noodles or Dhoklis, the basic concept of boiling flour dumpling in a broth or liquid is the same.

Dhoklis are wheat flour dumplings cooked in Dal (toor lentils) and spices. Adding nuts and veggies increases the nutritive value of the dish too. Indeed, a one pot nutritional meal it is!!

My family does not prefer veggies. But you could add veggies of your choice like peas, carrots, potatoes...

Some prefer dal dhokli with paratha or thepla/ flat bread. but, I like my dal dhokli with steamed Basmati rice :) How do you like yours?

In a sifter: Sift 1 cup wheat flour, 1/4 cup gram flour, salt, turmeric, red chilly powder, coriander powder, and pinch of baking soda.

Sift the ingredients well. Sifting is optional but this process mixes ingredients and incorporates air to make the dough light for dumplings swell well.

Here are sifted dry ingredients.

Add 1 tbsp. oil. mix well.
By adding little water at a time make a stiff dough. Kneed the dough well and let it rest for 10-15 minutes for gluten to start working while the dough gets pliable and easy to roll.

Pressure cook 1 cup of toor dal (split yellow pigeon peas) with 2 cups water.
Using a hand mixer or manual hand blender, blend pressure cooked toor dal to form a smooth paste.

Here is blended, smooth dal.

This is my spice box where all necessary spices for everyday cooking are kept handy. This is one of the necessities in Indian kitchen :)
Clockwise: Cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, coriander powder, red chilly powder turmeric powder. 
Center: Asofoetida
My spice box with a little spoon is ready on my counter while I start tempering dal.

To temper: Heat 2 tsp. of ghee/ clarifies butter or oil. Add 1 inch stick of cinnamon, 1 tsp mustard seeds, 2 green chillies and few curry leaves.

Fry few cashew nuts (optional) You could use nuts of your choice like peanuts or almonds or skip this step.

Carefully add smooth, blended dal.

Add few Kokam (A fruit from tropical trees is sun dried) It has a slightly sour taste which make the dal slightly sour.

Add 2 tbsp of Jaggery to give some sweetness.
Can you imagine sour taste or kokam and sweetness from jaggery!

Add salt, turmeric powder and 2 cups of water and bring the dal to boil.

Take a golf ball size dough and roll it as thin as 1/8 of an inch.

Using a knife or a pizza cutter, cut rolled dough into 1 inch squares.
Let your kids work on cutting them. This creates fun and excitement in the kitchen.

Drop each square dhokli in boiling dal. Make rest of the Dhoklis and drop them in the dal.

To create fun for your kids: Cut rolled dough into thin long strips (like flat noodles or pasta) and drop them in boiling dal. Something like flat noodle soup :)

Cook for 5-7 minutes.

Dhoklis double in size, cashews soften and cook in hot dal.
Top it with desi ghee, cilantro and fresh lime.
Enjoy Dal Dhokli with steaming hot Basmati rice.

Happy Cooking!!


  1. mom wil be so proud to see this gujju dish :)

  2. Awesome! even I like it with steamed rice only. that is how we all have been eating it since childhood. Tried your recipe, turned out amazing <3