Shital's-Kitchen: Mumbai Street-food: Mysore Masala Dosa

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mumbai Street-food: Mysore Masala Dosa

I know I was supposed to publish this delicious recipe for our Dosa Party series last week. But, we spent time at beautiful Lake Tahoe in northern California. My parents are visiting us from India and they really enjoyed the beautiful Tahoe beach! I am spending more time with my parents; chit chatting, shopping, showing them places around. Oh yes, I have many recipes lined up to share with you all :)

This Mysore Masala dosa is a typical Mumbai street food and staple of most commuters there. It is very different from what you would typically order or get in a restaurant. Stuffed with variety of veggies and spices mashed together with loads of delicious butter is a whole meal in one for people on the go and college students. I remember my college day! There is surely a dosa vendor outside every college in Mumbai! :)

To start with a regular plain Dosa on hot griddle.

Add some butter. Pile finely chopped veggies. Cover and cook them for a minute.

Start with chopped onions.

Bell pepper.


Shredded carrots

Shredded beetroot

Cover and cook.

All these veggies are mashed with a potato masher or a pav bhaji masher.

Add yellow potato masala. Here is the recipe: Masala

Add some pav bhaji masala and butter and mix well.

Spread cooked mashed veggies over your dosa. Sprinkle chopped onions. Fold and serve hot with chutneys!

Sometimes adding veggies and mashing it over your cooking Dosa is a tedious task. Without experience it can cause Dosa to tear.
Instead, you can cook this mashed potato filling ahead of time and just spread it over your cooking dosa.
Here is what I sometimes do:
Heat butter in a pan.

Add chopped veggies. Sprinkle salt. Cover and let the veggies cook for 5-6 minutes.

Mash the veggies slightly.

Add potato masala and some pav bhaji masala. 
Mash well and keep it aside.

Make a plain dosa. Spread our ready Mumbai Mysore Masala over it.

Serve with chutney and Enjoy!!
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for you next Get Together!!


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    1. Thank you dear!! I have to make this for you! :)

  2. amazing !! Kya Pictures hain. SO tempting!

  3. What griddle are you using? I have a square shaped from pretty well but not as big as this..

    1. This is my square Prestige Tawa from India. I had bought this when we first came to the US before 8 years. I love it!

  4. Apart from Healthy one , Street food always have a value for anonymous taste.. I have a bunch of dishes in my catering services in chennai

  5. Hi, Please tell me the recipe for dosa batter u used here .