Shital's-Kitchen: Potato and Sago Swirls

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Potato and Sago Swirls

While there is summer in the Northern hemisphere, I want to continue with dehydrating series. After I made potato noodles, I tried my hands on to these bite size swirls/chakris/murakku made of potato and sabudana/sago pearls. My mom makes these in Mumbai every year. While she was here with me this summer, I got to learn so many family recipes from her.

WOW...Sun drying veggies and condiments to store for the entire year!! Not only the taste and crunch, but, we also enjoy basking ourselves in hot sun and making these unusual snack that is not available in store too.

Large baking potatoes boiled.

Soak 1 cup sago pearls/sabudana in 1 cup water over night. Use those soft fluffy sago pearls to mix with grated, boiled potatoes. You could always adjust the amount of sago/sabudana to be used.

Mix salt and green chilli and ginger paste.

Mix well.

This time we use a star shaped attachment in our chakri/murakku press.

Fill chakri press with potato mixture.

Spread a piece of clean cloth in a well sunny spot of your balcony or backyard.
Make small 2-3 inch diameter swirls. Nice bite size pieces as they dry.

What a treat!!

Almost ready...Dehydrated potato and saga swirls. Remove from the cloth and place in a large metal tray. Allow it dry another day in a metal tray to prevent any moisture in them.

Here is a big pile of dried potato snack.

Deep fry in hot oil. It will take just 15-20 seconds to fry crisp.

Here is crunchy, bite size potato and sago swirl/ chakli to be enjoyed!

So make these soon and enjoy the heat!

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