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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Carrot & Turmeric Pickle

The most important Indian spice to impart color to the food is turmeric. This distinctive, vibrant color gives the food not just Indian appearance, but taste too. Yes, we Indians use lots of turmeric in our day to day life. Haldi/turmeric is such an important ingredient in my spice box!!
Turmeric: symbol of prosperity and fertility is used in so many ways. Not just in food, but the bright colored powder is also used at the entrance of the house welcoming Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth). In many cultures, turmeric is also a symbol for married women, and that is where the saying come from हाथ पीले कर दो (Haath Peele Kar Do) which means let's get her married.

The anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties of turmeric makes it ideal for quick home remedies. As a child a little cut or bruise on the body would first take us to the kitchen. Mummy would apply a pinch or two of turmeric on the wound, for the bleeding to stop. As a child, I was prone to lot of hurts, cuts, and wounds. I am proud I was a super active child :) but, that is sometimes difficult for parents. Mummy would make small candies with turmeric powder and jaggery/gud mixed together. To avoid internal swelling, one or two of those candies where popped in our mouth every time we hurt ourselves. Even when someone would sprain their ankle or wrist, a warm paste of turmeric, salt and water would give relief and treat the swelling soon. That's the power of turmeric ;)

Everyone knows how turmeric helps to relieve sore throat. A spoonful of honey mixed with turmeric does the trick Also, a glass of warm milk with turmeric relieves sore throat and infection . Did I ever tell you, I drink turmeric milk everyday? Yes, it is my favorite flavored milk!

Don't know about you, but my mom used to suggest this homemade, natural, face mask with a paste of fresh cream, turmeric, and chickpea flour. It does make sense. Fresh cream to moisturize, turmeric for it's anti bacterial properties and chickpea flour acts as a natural mud to smoothen, exfoliate and tighten the skin. She never encouraged use to use chemical products or go for a facial. This natural pack keeps the skin glowing and protects from sun burn too. That is a reason we have the haldi ceremony before the traditional Indian wedding. Two days before the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom and lathered with turmeric paste. This special ceremony is performed by close friends and family, showering blessings for prosperity to the couple-to-be. It would also help in keeping the skin fresh, glowing and infection free.  

Yes, we know of turmeric as dry powdered spice. But, it is an underground stem just like ginger with a distinctive flavor. Available fresh in bright orange and light yellow color is also called mango turmeric or Amba Haldi in Hindi or Gujarati. Papa (my dad) says this pickle is nutritious as it helps to purify blood and increases immunity. Indeed!!

This is from my local Indian Grocery store.

Also found fresh turmeric at Whole Foods!

Wash, lightly scrape the skin and cut into julienne.

I also like adding carrots to this pickle. That is how my mom makes it :)

Use a clean dry glass bottle.

Add some carrot julienne and turmeric julienne into the bottle.

Adding green chillies is optional. It will impart a slight flavor to the pickle.

Add a tbsp. of salt.

A new tool in my kitchen, lemon squeezer!

Add freshly squeezed lime juice.

Cover and shake the bottle well. You will notice there is more space in the bottle as carrots and turmeric pickle in the brine. :) I set the bottle in the refrigerator. Every time I open the fridge, I like to shake the bottle for the brine to mix well.
This pickle is instantly ready to serve. But leaving it in the refrigerator at least for 24 hours will make it taste deliciously pickled.

A serving of simple comfort food, Khichdi with yogurt, kachumber salad and turmeric pickle.

Love the color, taste and texture. 
Ideal with simple, Indian rice and dal preparation too.

Enjoy this quick pickle which is nutritious too!

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  1. Hi Shital,
    How long will this pickle keep good? Also is that lemon squeezer from Amazon?