Shital's-Kitchen: Purple Yam Patties and Stuffed Sweet Peppers

Friday, June 13, 2014

Purple Yam Patties and Stuffed Sweet Peppers

Yesterday morning when I woke up, the first message I saw on 'Whatsapp' was from my mom. Oh yes, mummy is getting techno savvy!! We exchange messages and pictures a lot on whatsapp. Ok, getting back to her message... it said, ''Call me when you wake up''. So the first thing I did is give her a call. She just wanted to make sure I call her soon after I wake up before having my breakfast. Yes, she wanted to remind me of Vad Savitri Vrat or fast that is observed by married women for the longevity of their husbands. Not sure about the history of the fast, but basically Pray Vad which is a big Banyan tree. Since we do not find Banyan Tress here, we just go to the temple.

If you have seen all my recipes for fasts, you would know that we don't basically fast...We Feast!! Yes, Hindu fasts are slightly different from other religions. We abstain from Gluten grain, rice, beans, pulses, onion, garlic and few veggies. Yes, we cannot eat lot of food group. But, we can actually enjoy and indulge into lot too.  Milk and Milk products, potatoes and yams, nutritious grains like buckwheat, amaranth and many more...

Purple Yam or Kandh or as know by many as Ratula is a Gujarati root. This root veggie is added to the most famous Gujarati mixed veggie Undhiyu. It is very rarely available fresh, so I had picked it up two days ago to make a delicious veggie delight. Since this was easily accessible in my fridge, I thought of making some stuffed patties. Do not confuse this with purple potato! Purple Potato is very different from Purple Yam. Later is a firm root, great to be eaten boiled or even fried with a hint of salt, pepper and lime. For all those who have been to Nathdwara/Shrinathji, I am sure you are getting nostalgic with the delicious, crisp, fried Kandh available there.

Bright purple under the skin.
Select a firm root with less nodes as possible. Less nodes make it easier for you to peel and clean it.

 Bright colored sweet peppers. Great to stuff and roast them!
You could also use green peppers or Anaheim peppers too. 
Other ingredients to make the stuffing.
Paneer/ Indian cottage cheese, cilantro, green chilli, ginger, lime.

Grate 200 gms. of cottage cheese. 

Add chopped green chillies, grated ginger, lime juice, lots of chopped cilantro.

Love to add cashews to the filling which gives the nutty taste and texture to the filling. You could also add raisins or other nuts to the filling too.

Red chilli flakes for a spicy kick.

Mix the ingredients well.

Oops! forgot to add in salt ;)

Taste test. 
Add spices or seasoning if needed.

Slit and de-seed peppers.

Remove a cup of stuffing into a separate bowl and mix in 1/2 to 1 cup grated mozzarella cheese. As the pepper roasts in the oven, mozzarella will provide ooey, gooey deliciousness.

Mozzarella  mixed with Paneer stuffing.

Gently stuff each of the peppers.

Lightly brush with oil, and just before serving bake the peppers at 450 F for 6-7 minutes and broil for 3-4 minutes till the cheese melts and you see some color on the peppers.

While I was prepping the stuffing and peppers, I pressure cooked purple yam for 20 minutes.

Let the cooked yam cool. Peel and clean the other skin.

Grate yam to avoid large chunks that could hinder while rolling patties.
350 gms of yam will yield around 10 patties.

Add salt to taste, grated ginger and lime juice.  
You could also add chopped cilantro, chillies, red pepper or other spices to yam. 

Mix well to form a dough.
If the yam mixture feels not firm but sticky, add some arrowroot powder or potato powder to it. You could add cornstarch too, but it is not permitted during fasts.

Divide yam filling into 10 parts and the Paneer stuffing too into 10 equal parts pressing into balls.

Flatten yam ball and stuff with paneer stuffing.

Pull the sides in, to cover the stuffing. Use both your palms to press it slightly and give it a nice patty shape.

I could not find arrowroot, so I used potato starch to coat the patties.

Lightly coat and deep fry the patties in hot oil. You could also shallow fry them or pan roast with very little oil. 
Deep or shallow fired would surely taste better than just pan roasting!

Sprinkle cumin powder or red chilli powder and fresh lime over the patties.
Serve with green cilantro chutney and peanut chutney dip.

Delicious ooey, gooey peppers ready to indulge in!

Enjoy Fasting and Feasting!

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