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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Pickled Peppercorns

Have you ever wondered from where peppercorns or pepper powder that we use to season our food  obtained from? I have always seen my mom buy fresh green peppercorns which look beautiful like strings of green pearls. But little did I know or realized that they grow on vines. I do not remember how but while I was shopping for some live tropical plants on Amazon, I came across Piper Nigrum (black pepper corn) plant. I suddenly remembered my mom's pickle. It was a state on enlightenment for me...I was so excited! :)

I immediately ordered a live peppercorn plant and started to research how to grow it. It is a tropical plant and thus would need a hot and humid climate. We planted the baby plant in a large pot and placed it in my green house. It has been with us almost 3 months now and is doing well! I wish it fruits some day and I can make some fresh pickle for my dad. Pickled Peppercorns have been my dad's favorite. My mom would make a jar full of this to last for the entire year. Yes, my mom makes exotic pickles, not just the regular mango ones but all from some berries and root. I will post pictures soon! :)

Fresh green peppercorns are tender and slightly spiced. The pickle tastes sour with a slight kick as you bite into a corn, and is perfect with simple Indian rice dishes or kichdi, which is a mushy preparation of rice and lentil.

This recipe is from my mom's kitchen. It has been my effort to learn the art of pickling and preserving from elders in my family. I am very happy with my achievement this year. I got a chance to understand the traditional art and science of pickling!

Here is how my mom makes this pickle!
1 cups of green peppercorns
6-8 Lemons
1/2 cup salt
1 tsp. turmeric powder
  • Wash, wipe and dry peppercorn strings well.
  • In a glass jar place all the peppercorn stings (whole or cut into small pieces)
  • Add juice of all the lemons so that peppercorns are submerged in well.
  • Add salt and turmeric powder.
  • Mix well.
  • Let the peppercorns sit into the brine for few days.
  • Occasionally mix peppercorns in the brine.
  • Enjoy!
Grow Peppercorn plant: The picture below is obtained from this website:

Here is my pepper plant in my green house. I am trying to create a tropical (hot and humid) climate for my plant.

 Here is my greenhouse for my tropical plants.

Beautiful String of Pickled Peppercorns!!


  1. Hi Shital, where do you buy a good pepper plant that will survive weather in central US ? Any online stores ?

  2. Hey Shital,
    Did you build the greenhouse or is it store brought?