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Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Trip to Nathdwara is primarily to worship Lord Shrinathji/ Krishna, but we definitely enjoy the food there. Nathdrawa, a small village is situated in Rajashthan, an hour drive from Udaipur city. This little village is visited by thousands of pilgrims to do darshan or The Lord. We had our ancestral house there. Our parents did show the place where they use to visit and stay often. I can only imagine the fun they had. Lately, this little village has turned into a popular tourist destination. With lot of facilities and hotels developed, it is easy to go and stay there for few days.  Food and shopping is also main part of the visit there. Delicious fresh rajasthani food and Thali is the highlight. Lehriya, Bandhej, Khadi work, Kota fabric, Silver jewellery, Kundans, and embroidered gota...all come from there.

Trip to Nathdwara is incomplete without Rabdi. Rabdi, a simple dessert made with just two ingredients: milk and sugar. Milk is boiled for hours in a large pan or kadhai over wood and cow dung heat which eventually turns into this thickened milk. Caramelized milk cream stuck onto the sides of the pan is also scraped and put back into the milk. Eventually imparting caramelized flavor. This sweet thickened milk is the favorite offering to Lord Shrinathji and also to the pilgrims there. This simple Rabdi has the flavors of its own. No added cardamom or nuts...this is delicious as is!

The other most important ingredient that makes it special is the clay pots of kulhad in which Rabdi is served. Rabdi is transferred into these pots, and clay pots keep this milk dessert stay cold and fresh for a long time.

Below are the pictures of our visits to Nathdwara and our indulgence into Rabdi.

Here is boiling of milk which will turn into Rabdi.

Wood and dry cow dung is added for fuel.

Simmering milk.

Here is Rabdi: Prasad offering from the temple.

The first thing my husband does on reaching Shrinathji is having Rabdi :)

Here is my brother bringing early morning rabdi from the temple.

This was my attempt to create the delicious taste of Shrinathji Rabdi.

Bring 4 cups of milk to a boil and simmer on low heat for 2 hours stirring occasionally. The cream stuck onto the sides can be scrapped out and put back into the simmering milk.
When milk thickens, add 2-3 tbsp sugar. Simmer for some more time. 
Remove in clay pot and serve while it is warm or chilled in the refrigerator.

Enjoy the Delicious Traditional Rabdi!!

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