Shital's-Kitchen: Thandai Chuski Popsicle

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Thandai Chuski Popsicle

Hot summer is always associated with chilled food. Icecream, gola or shaved ice, kalakhatta sharbat, Aam ras or mango juice, and who can forget chuski or what we use to call as pepsi cola. Try to recollect the childhood days where frozen colorful sharbat was available in long tube like plastic bags. My favorite was kalakhatta flavor: sweet, sour, and tangy! :)

Recollecting my childhood days I found cute popsicle bags: ZIPZICLE. Easy to use: just pour, zip, and freeze...and Popsicles are ready. So while it is the festival of is time to welcome spring and summer. This is the time when flowers will start to bloom and we will see color everywhere. Holi symbolizes prosperity... burn off sorrows in the Holi fire and bring colors in life. While Thandai is the drink of the season, I made Thandai flavored popsicles or chuskis to enjoy with my friends.

I also made some Eco-friendly holi colors with corn starch and food color. I had learned this two years back from one of the Facebook groups, and have made these every year. Here is the recipe to make holi colors at home. Just mix around 1/4 cup water with food color. Add around 3-4 tbsp of corn starch little at a time mixing well. When you have added enough corn starch and mixing becomes difficult, pour the solution on a plastic sheet or cling wrap. Let in dry completely for few hours. Crush into pieces, and grind in a mixer to form a smooth powder. Your holi color is ready to use...HAPPY HOLI!

I used my homemade Thandai Syrup to make Thandai. I poured in ZIPZICLE bags, and froze them. It was easy to make and mess free way to enjoy Thandai popsicle... perfect for the season!



  1. wow, excellent post ! Lovely display with fantastic ideas

  2. loved your post...Loved your recipes too plus the cute Hand Shaped trays to hold the colors in...Can you plz share the link where u purchased them??

  3. Loved your post. Love all you recipes too...was not aware of the Zipsicle can use them in summer too...Plus absolutely loved the Hand shaped color holding trays. Can you plz share where you purchased them??