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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cake Pops

We are invited to a potluck party at my charming, colorful and creative friend, Anusha's place. Anusha and I worked together on Utsav, our first art and gift show in October 2012 and since then we have brainstormed and shared creative ideas with each other! Bhakti, another creative and talented mind is the one to introduce me to Anusha. So we are all meeting today with our family!

Today's potluck is a surprise one, which means none of us know what others are making. :) Last 15 days have been tough, since we spoke to each other, and were chatting online too but, could not share our excitement of what we were all upto for today. I am making Roasted Vegetable Gratin, a cheesy baked dish and garlic bread sticks. Also, I made this beautiful cake pop bouquet for the hostess! I hope she likes it! I made these cake pops for the first time but, I cannot share the picture on facebook :) Can't wait till evening! I will just publish this post before we go to her place. She stays 2 minutes away from my house and I do not think she will check her email and this post soon :) ha ha...

These cake pops are super easy to make: get messy, get creative and make these cute pops for birthdays, anniversary or valentines day.

 Using a basic boxed cake recipe, bake a cake or some cupcakes.

Since some of the cup cakes I baked turned out uneven in shape and cracked from the top, I converted those into fun looking pops :)
Crush 6 cupcakes in a bowl.

Add 3 tbsp. of frosting/icing of your choice. I used chocolate cake and chocolate icing.
Mix frosting well into crushed cake. You can taste tastes amazing :)
Using an ice cream scoop, scoop out a mixture to make small ball. Since I had a large ice cream scoop, I divided the scooped cake into 2 parts. You could also use a melon baller to make small balls.

Now comes the best part: Candy melts, Yummy candy that can melt easily like chocolate and does not need tempering. And, available in great colors :)

Use color of your choice to fix pop sticks.
Melt few candy melts in a microwave in a small bowl.
Dip one end of pop stick in melted candy and push through the cake ball. Candy melt acts as glue and hold the stick to the cake.

Now you need to be patient :)
Refrigerate these pops for an hour. I was so restless, that I immediately dipped these soft cake balls in belted chocolate. You can imagine what happened!
 So to avoid this, sit back and relax :)

Here is a cute mug to arrange the pops and make a bouquet.
You need a foam pillar that goes in the mug to secure the pops.

Melt candy melts of your choice according to directions on the packet. Do not use a large bowl. Bowl needs to be completely filled with melted candy for you to dip in and, to coat the cake pops. I used these plastic microwavable containers to melt these candy melts. When done I can put the lid on and save for future use.
 Microwave for a minute or two stirring every 30 seconds till the melted candy is smooth and free flowing in consistency. If you feel you overheated the candy and it feels dry, just let it sit and rest to cool down. Stir the candy well.

Gently dip cake pop in melted candy.
Do not shake much. Gently tap for excess candy to drip. Put the pop into foam board for candy to dry and set.
Put some sprinkles of your choice while the candy is still drying.

While these pops are drying for 10-15 minutes, get some tissue noodles ready.

I used this red tissue as the base of the pops to cover the foam inside the mug.
Make these small pleats and cut them into thin strips.

Push pops through the foam in the mug :)

Use a basket bag or transparent sheet to neatly wrap the bouquet. I used remaining red tissue noodles as a base of the mug.

I am ready with Roasted Vegetable Gratin and would reach Anusha's place in 2 minutes.

I love this Cake Pop bouquet. Hope the hostess likes it too! :)


  1. this looks yummy.. seriously.. and its soo creative.. no bouquet from ferns and petals or any other site matches what u have made.. bravo

  2. the best thing for my sweet tooth ever ... this was so special...will stay in my memory forever !!

  3. Made them on saturday...wonderful instructions and awesome presentation...needs lots of patience but the final product is so worth it. Thanks for sharing...

    1. Thanks a lot for your feedback! :)

  4. Dey r too tempting to resist...whr can we get candy melts in india?? Nvr herd abt dem b4 :( :(

  5. They look absolutely yumm..will surely try them soon. I love the way you explain things through pictures. It gets much easier.

  6. Hey shital!
    Could you please direct me as to where I can find candy melts in Bangalore.

  7. Hi Shital.. Could you please share contact details of where we can get candy melts in Bangalore.