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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Butter Paratha

My mom's favorite paratha and a delicious Sunday brunch! Yummy, hot, flaky, buttery flat bread served with chilled plain yogurt and lemon pickle is just out of the world.

To start: make a Basic Paratha Dough by clicking here.

Now comes the best part :) rolling the dough in shapes you like. My mom always made it triangular in shape. She calls a plain paratha (the one without any butter) as Chopdo which means a book since this paratha is layered and each layer can be flipped and separated like a page in a book :) How fun! You can create more layers to your chopdo by folding the flattened dough!

I have everything ready to make a paratha. Paratha Dough, dry flour, rolling board or a mat, rolling pin. 
I ordered this rolling mat and it got delivered today!

Take an ice cream scoop size of dough. Form a nice soft ball and press between your palms.

Dip in dry flour and roll the dough to 6 inch diameter circle.

Brush some ghee/ clarified butter and sprinkle some dry flour.

Fold into half, apply some flour and then fold into 1/4.

Start rolling and thinning the triangle. Ghee and dry flour in between is what prevents the dough to fuse and stick, thus forming layers when we cut it in pieces. Be careful to keep it triangular in shape.

 Put it on hot griddle. Flip when bottom start to cook and slight bubbles appear.

Brush a little bit of ghee. you will see the paratha puffing. This is what you are waiting for! 
Steaming soft inside and crisp fried outside.

Flip and brush ghee on the other side. Lightly press with flat spatula.

Add a bit of butter and serve before the butter melts :)

Tear a piece and dip into warm butter. 
OMG, you need to try this. I cannot describe the taste and feeling any more.
Serve with yogurt, pickle or veggie of your choice or enjoy as is!
Here is our layer Paratha/Flat bread

Enjoy Soft and Crisp Butter Paratha!

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