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Sunday, February 24, 2013


With weather starting to warm up a bit, hydrating oneself is important. As I am trying to go low on carbs, this yogurt drink fulfills my requirement of drinking water and gives me energy in between meals. I also carry a large bottle of this yogurt drink to work to sip between classes.

Chaash is salty yogurt drink from Gujarat (Western state of India). I have heard my family and parents call this yogurt drink as 'Kutchi Beer'. I have no idea where this word comes from but assuming since Kutchi people (belonging to desert part of Gujarat) drink lot of Chaash, we call it our beer :)

Adding a pinch of ground roasted cumin helps in the process of digestion as cumin acts as a natural laxative.

Use regular or low calorie plain yogurt.

Use a hand blender or a whisk to blend well.

Add salt to taste and some cumin powder. (or add some chat masala)

To make cumin powder: Dry Roast 1/2 cup cumin seeds with 1 tbsp ajwain or carrom seeds (optional). When cooled, grind to fine powder.

Blend 1 part of plain yogurt with 3 parts of water.

Refrigerate in a covered pitcher. (Add more water if needed. I did!)

Serve with fresh mint leaves.

A bottle full of chaash to work :)

Chaash, a part of Gujarati meal.

Enjoy Cooling, Refreshing Chaash!!

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