Shital's-Kitchen: Aloo Baingan/ Eggplant and Potato Curry

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Aloo Baingan/ Eggplant and Potato Curry

Eggplant has never been our favorite while I was growing up. But, I got married to the person who loves eggplant in any form :) Learned some dishes from my MIL and came up with some new creations that would satisfy both of us without actually cooking 2 separate dishes, and there comes one of our favorite Aloo Baingan.

I know most of you would think that this is fried and not healthy. I take it this way...instead of eating restaurant or frozen food, I am making something fresh at home, something different from regular routine and trying to develop a taste for a veggie that is not my favorite. You would never know the amount of oil and type of oil used in a restaurant. Here at least, you know what your family is eating!
And, I don't make this veggie everyday!

You do not have to go with my words. you can pan-fry, saute, shallow-fry eggplant to suit your family and dietary needs :)

Chop eggplant and potato into large pieces. Deep fry them and let them rest on an absorbent paper.
Sprinkle some salt over them.

Deep frying maintains good shape and prevents them from getting mushy!

In 2 tsps. of oil, saute dry red chillies and finely chopped onions.

Add fried veggies, salt to taste, red chilli powder, coriander powder, kasoori methi and amchur powder.

Mix well!

Add finely chopped ginger and fresh lemon juice.
Garnish with cilantro!

 Meanwhile, make some tandori roti on a clay griddle :)
Love the smell or roti cooked on clay.

Enjoy this Rustic Meal with Pickle!

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