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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stuffed Peppers

What do you notice in the picture above? Okay, I know you notice peppers stuffed and cooked. Did you notice the plate in which these peppers have been served? I need to tell you this before I share the recipe :)

As you know I love clay, rustic things, rustic food and cooking techniques. My love for clay does not stop with just painting diyas and pot and exhibiting them but, I love to cook in clay pots, make flat bread on clay griddles and much more. So, I joined Clay class to handcraft few things specially for my kitchen.

Here are the pictures: Journey from Wheel to Under Stuffed Peppers ;)

Clay ready to go on the wheel.

Intentionally turned upside down to dry and form ripples.
After drying, the bowl was fired and glazed in 2 colors and refired.
On second firing, clay expanded and cracked making the bowl a shallow plate.

Love this mistake! Lovely piece of art!

Before it was fired, I engraved my name on the bottom of this bowl :)

2 color glaze (Glossy and Matt)
Love this combination of Ochre with Turquoise blue :)

It gives me immense pleasure to use the plates and bowls handmade, handcrafted and glazed, with the food that I cook. You will be seeing more pictures of my work in other posts and recipes.

So let's come back to stuffed pepper! One of my favorite dishes, peppers stuffed with potato filling as my mom would do and cook them in a pan. Since I found this cute rack at World Market to stuff and stack peppers and to prevent the filling from popping out, I used it for this recipe. The best part of this rack is that it is made of metal, oven safe or BBQ grill safe. Nonstick surface for easy cleaning too! Great pick! 
It come with a corer to core peppers:)

When you select Serrano peppers, best to select ones that are straight and not bent to prevent melted cheese from oozing out.

Core peppers and get rid of all the seeds.

To a boilled, mashed potato: add corn and finely chopped mozzarella cheese. 
Add some salt and lemon juice.

Mix well and fill the the mixture in cored peppers. Dip the opening in bread crumbs or semolina/rava or panko (Japanese bread crumbs).

Bake in 378F preheated oven for 5-7 minutes till the cheese bubbles and peppers are cooked.

You could also use Anaheim Pepper. Slit and core it well.
Spread the filling. Coat with bread crumbs and pan fry both sides.

These stuffed peppers taste like Pizza Hut Quepapas. Potato, jalapeno, cheese combined with crisp bread crumbs and fried :) 
Enjoy these Ooey, Gooey, Cheesy 
Stuffed Peppers!!

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