Shital's-Kitchen: Appe with Green Chutney Dip

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Appe with Green Chutney Dip

Appe/અપ્પે are pan-fried rice and lentil dumplings. This is a typical south Indian dish called appam. they could be sweet or savory with veggies and onions in it. My family prefers the savory ones with no veggies and we serve these with green chutney dip. 
I use homemade dosa/idli batter to make these little finger food.

Pour around 1/2 tbsp. of batter in each mold or appam pan. Appam pan is available at an Indian store or at a cookware store as Danish pan. Danish Pan

Add a drop or two of oil on each appes. Cover and cook. using a spoon, flip the appes so that they brown on both sides.
Serve with Green Chutney Dip or Coconut Chutney! 


Try making them into electric mold or mini donut maker. I do not have one but will be trying out on a mini donut maker soon. :)

Electric Mini Home Donut Maker

Prick with some fun fruit picks and serve for Cocktail party or Poker party. It is a great finger food and can be made before your party begins :)


  1. hey i made this.. but instead of the idli batter i used rava and curd.. like our instant dhokla.. added eno, onion, carrot, chilies, ginger, garlic... and after heating the pan i added mustard and curry leaves before adding the batter.. try it.. its good

    1. Great idea! That makes instant appe :)