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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kanda Bhaji/Onion Fritters

Yesterday, 25th December, Christmas celebration, had a great day with friends! Went out for lunch buffet at Arka restaurant. Then went to our friend's place for movie and some delicious bhajiyas.

Rain, comedy family movie, hot chai, bhajiyas and great friends are a perfect recipe for holiday fun!

So my friend, Paranaaz and I made these delicious crisp onion fritters along with lemongrass and mint Chai tea (made by her). The tea was amazing and super refreshing.

Later, we spent some time at the Downtown San Jose Christmas in the Park while her kids had great time on the rides!

Kanda in Gujarati and Marathi means onions. Born and brought by Maharashtra (Western part of India) both our families love Kanda Bhajis. This is one of the popular street foods in Maharashtra. Similar to onion rings, these are sliced onions coated with gram flour and spices and deep fried till they turn golden brown.

Thinly slice 1 large onion.

Chop green chillies.

Add some salt. (Parinaaz, I like black polish on you!)

Add a pinch of turmeric, 1 tsp. red chilli powder, chopped cilantro.

Mix the ingredients well and let the onions rest for 8-10 minutes while they sweat out moisture.

Add around 1/2 cup of besan/chick pea flour/gram flour and 1/2 cup  rice flour to coat the onions well.

Pick little onion mixture with your fingers and gently drop it in hot oil for frying.

 These are irregular shaped fritters with onion in every bite. Fry on medium heat till they are crisp and golden brown.

Remove on paper towel to blot excess oil.

Fry remaining fritters.

Enjoy hot Kanda Bhaji with hot Indian Chai Tea!

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