Shital's-Kitchen: Spicy Bean Noodles

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spicy Bean Noodles

Now that I have started going for a walk regularly and also going low on calories, my search for new ingredients to experiment with is also increasing! :)

While I was strolling in an Asian aisle of a grocery store I found these noodles made of bean starch. They are also called bean threads. They are low of calories, no fat and gluten free. They are also easy to cook and be tossed with veggies, added to soup or fried to make them crisp.

Follow the ingredients on the packet to cook them.

Add to boiling water. Cover and let it cook for 15-20 minutes.

Heat a tbsp.of oil in a wok. Add 1 tbsp. sesame seeds.

On high heat, saute chopped onions and garlic.

Add chopped cabbage.

Bean sprouts, Schezwan sauce and salt.

Add 1 tbsp. vinegar and mix well. You need not cook the bean sprout.
These bean sprout that give texture and crunch to the noodles. 
You could also add bell pepper and other veggies to it. 

Add cooked bean threads/noodles and toss well.

Garnish with spring greens and serve.

Enjoy Spicy Bean Threads!!

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