Shital's-Kitchen: Green Cilantro Chutney

Friday, December 7, 2012

Green Cilantro Chutney

Fresh cilantro chutney is an all time favorite for all Indian! This spicy dipping sauce can be served as is or can be mixed with different foods to create a new and fun dish. This is a basic chutney where spice level can be changed by increasing or reducing number of green chillies or green peppers. Also the type of chilly pepper used can be varied.

While I was growing up back in India, I was always told that the smaller and thinner the pepper, the more hot it is. This was quite true back in India. But, this is not true here. Here is a great link to find Scoville scale of peppers and their use in variety of dishes.  Hot peppers.

Cilantro 1 bunch
3-4 green chillies
1/2 inch ginger
1 tsp. cumin seeds
1 tbsp peanut or roasted gram/દાડિયા ડાળ   **Roasted gram cannot be used during Ekadashi/fast**
lemon juice
Blend all the ingredients in a blender to form a smooth chutney or dipping sauce.

Serve this dipping sauce with samosa, dhokla, chips and many more.


  1. Hi Shital, it would be great if you can give some tips on kitchen gadgets to use in US for Indian cooking. I struggle to make such smooth chutneys with the blender I have! I just broke mine and it would be great if you can give some suggestions.
    Meanwhile let the good food coming !! :) :)

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for stopping by! You are so right, I have tried varies blenders for chutney to be really smooth. Here is what I like the best: Cuisinart Compact blender. It has 2 sharp blades and varies jars. I do all my masala grinding, chutnies, blending, grinding nuts and everything in this. I got this from Bed Bath and Beyond. (use with 20% off coupon).

      Thanks for suggestion, I will write more about my kitchen gadgets in my recipes :)

  2. Thanks so much Shital. I plan to get one this weekend.

  3. Hi Shital,

    I really like your blog and the wonderful array of recipes. Especially the Mumbai Masti ones...reminds me of my growing up days...the roadside bhel puri, sandwich, dosa, pav wada...thinking about it makes me want to go to bombay right now!

    Question on chutney, I have the same compact cuisinart blender/grinder. However, my chutney becomes a bit runny, I dont know how to get it this smooth without adding water. Also my chutney turns out to bit darker inspite of adding lime. Let me know your suggestions. Thanks.

    1. Thanks a lot Pri. Mumbai Masti recipes are very close to my heart! They have my childhood memories and make me nostalgic. :(

      Try by adding no to very little water first. also you can grind peanuts, green chillies and other condiments first and then add chopped cilantro to grind and blend all together. Also, I normally add lemon juice at the end. Over grinding could sometime change color too (that's just my thought). I hope these tips work for you, and you get your desired results.

      Happy Cooking!