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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Falooda Drink

So finally after making making Falooda noodles at home yesterday, today is the time for falooda drink and Kulfi with falooda! :)
Check homemade Falooda Sev recipe.

Hhow much I miss Diwali and Chopda Poojan in Mumbai, when we used to have Badshah Falooda at Crawford market after Diwali Poojan at my cousins shop!

Falooda drink is made with milk, rose syrup, delicate noodles made from cornstarch, basil seeds and ice cream. Nuts are optional and added in Badshahi falooda for added richness to this drink. A rich, sweet dessert surely to be liked by all.

I always knew Takmaria are Tulsi/Basil seeds. But, today it was the first time Shu and I dissected Basil/Tulsi flowers called Manjar in Gajarati and found tiny black seeds. We were so happy!! Of course I used Takmaria from the packet I bought from Indian store.

1Here is the picture of Tukmaria/Basil seeds.  

Soak 1/2 tbsp. in 1/2 cup of plain water. The seeds swell and turn in slimy, translucent small balls.

Get 3 tbsp of rose syrup, 2 tbsp falooda sev (noodles), soaked takmaria seeds, ice cream (of your choice) and milk. I like to use tall glass for this drink. Fill half way with chilled milk.

Gently add falooda noodles and let them settle at the bottom of the glass.
Gently pour 3 tbsp of rose syrup. Being denser than milk it settles at the bottom. Do not mix the syrup with the milk. You should be able to see colorful layers.
Add soaked takmaria/basil seeds. They will float over milk.
Add soaked takmaria/basil seeds. They will float over milk.
Add a scoop of ice cream of your choice. Vanilla, malai kulfi, rose!

Insert a long spoon and a straw or Straw spoons :) and serve chilled!
Gently stir rose syrup with milk. Sip sweet rose milk with fine noodles at the bottom with the straw and have some chilled floating ice cream with the spoon :)

Enjoy Chilled Falooda Drink!!


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  2. Hi Shital..this is Savitha. I like falooda drink, but i never saw it in any Indian restaurants in USA.. when I saw this recipe in your blog, felt so happy and want to make it... but plz let me know where can I get rose syrup and falooda sev (noodles)??

    1. You can get the rose syrup and falooda noodles at an Indian store. I make rose syrup at home and even falooda noodles. Check out both recipes.

  3. Hi Shital,
    Where can we get falooda noodles?

    1. You can get falooda noodles from Indian store, but I make it at home. Check out my falooda noodle recipe.