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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Raw Mango Panna

Can't believe I published my 100th recipe! When my sister created this blog for me (basically she wanted me to save all my recipes here so that she could use it) I was reluctant to sit and type the recipes. I would prefer to cook something than type them. But, this has been a fun and a memorable experience. As we say in India, 'Knowledge increases when shared', applies not only to my profession, but also to my passion. Cooking, photographing and typing each recipe has increased my curiosity towards food. It has brought me closer to myself :) Okay, I think I am getting sentimental ;) but the point is you will never go wrong in the kitchen, just cook whatever you can and it will be delicious!

Try with this raw mango drink! Mango, the king of tropical fruits,  found mostly during summer. Ever wonder why? Because it is the best cooling agent. You cannot beat the summer heat by sitting in the air conditioned room. Get close to your local seasonal fruits and veggies and see how soothing they could be! Get hydrated and store the antioxidants for the entire year!

Pressure cook firm raw mangoes with 1 cup water for 4-5 whistles or 45 minutes.

Save the left over water for later.

Peel the mangoes. Cut and puree the mango to a smooth pulp with a pinch of Saffron and Cardamom seeds. 

For every 1 cup of mango puree add a cup of sugar, left over water from pressure cooking mangoes and blend them well. You may want to add more sugar if your mangoes are super tart.

 Cover and store the pulp in the refrigerator or freezer.
To Serve:
Take 2 tbsp. of pureed mixture for every glass of Panna (raw mango juice)

Add chilled water and 1/4 tsp rock salt.

I like to use my hand blender to make a smooth drink.

Add some ice cubes to the glass.

Add a slice of ripe mango :) yum  yum!

Pour chilled Panna!
Did you notice my new set of glasses? It does not have a flat bottom and can wobbles around :)
How Fun!!




    hey, what is this technique of cooking in a separate bowl inside your pressure cooker ... ???

    1. Thanks Anusha, Great question...never thought much about it. I have always seen my mom doing that way. On the second thought, Mangoes will require more water to pressure cook in the steam developed. So I put 3-4 cups of water in the cooker and 1 cup water in the container containing mangoes. This way the nutrition part of the mangoes does not dissolve in excess water and I can reuse just the water in the container :)

      Also in instances when the water in the pressure cooker evaporates completely, using a second vessel will prevent the actual food from sticking to the bottom and getting charred :)

    2. Really helpful technique. I'll surely try this one soon.

  2. Yum yum yum. Thanks a ton for the lovely recipe. Was waiting for it since a long time from neha singh