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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bread Rolls

There was a time in India when bread rolls were so popular that every wedding or ceremonies or parties got these catered as a part of farsan or an appetizer. And, that was the best part of attending those wedding :) Ha ha just kidding ;)

Anyways, the point is that these rolls with spicy potato filling inside wrapped with bread and deep fried are crisp and deliciously tasting. Bringing those memories back, I had to make some yesterday. I made 2 fried ones and tried baking 2 in an oven :)

I used whole wheat bread. You could use any bread you like.

Cut the sides and keep them aside.

To make potato filling: Boil, peal and mash potatoes. Add some peas and salt.

Add lime juice, chopped green chillies, red chilli powder, garam masala (all spice powder)
Mix well.

Dip a slice of bread in water. This is a quick 1 second dip. You do not want bread to get soggy and break apart. You need to maintain its shape.

Pull it out and press with both your palms to squeeze the water out.

Add the potato filling, fold the bread around the filling and press it well to allow moist bread edges to fuse well.

Roll in unroasted vermicelli. I used roated one but, it made it super crisp. You need not roll in vermicelli. You could directly fry in hot oil.

Here are fried bread rolls ready to be served with Ketchup or Chutney.

You could bake them in 375 F oven till it turns golden brown. It took around 30 minutes. You could try brushing or spraying some oil before baking it.

With the left over potato filling, added some semolina and vermicelli, mixed well, made small balls, rolled in vermicelli and deep fried. :)

Enjoy these Crisp Fried easy Bread Rolls!

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