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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Gujarati Pad Roti

Roti, flat bread is an important part of Indian meal. It could be made of wheat flour, rice flour, millet or multigrain. Wheat flour roti/chappati is a very important part of Gujarati cuisine. 

Everyone knows of phulka roti, where flat bread is first roasted on a griddle. It is then put over flame to allow it to puff up.

Another kind of roti made in Gujarati kitchen is this double (pad roti)or layered roti. Easy to make specially in joint family or during get togethers, when there are many people over for lunch or dinner, most families make this kind of roti since it is faster to make and remains soft and nice for a longer period of time. 

Start with a soft wheat flour dough, some dry flour, oil or clarified butter/ghee.
Rolling board and rolling pin. 

Get a scoop of dough and roll into balls and press in between your palms to flatten them.

Using some dry flour roll the balls to 3 inch diameter circle. 

Apply some oil or ghee on one of the rolled circle. Sprinkle with dry flour.

Place this puri over another rolled puri greased side in between 2 puris.

Roll to regular roti size. Need not make it very thin.

Roast on tava/hot griddle on both sides.
While the roti is roasting on tava, you will find steam developing between two layers and puffing, as a result two rotis separate out easily.

When you remove the roti from the tava, you would want to hit/bang it little for steam to escape and for two layers to separate.

Apply ghee/clarified butter if needed and stack them. 
Store in air tight container to use later!
These are really quick to make and stack :)

Here is the gist of the entire recipe :)

Enjoy with Veggies and Curries!!

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