Shital's-Kitchen: Chipotle Cheddar Cheese Samosa

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Chipotle Cheddar Cheese Samosa

Festivities are on their way, and while we all enjoy cooking, hosting and partying, it is time to get quick and creative with our ingredients. That is exactly where these quick samosas evolved from!

I had few samosa pattis in my refrigerator (ready frozen thin strips of dough to make samosas). While I was hunting for some other ingredients in my refrigerator, I found this spicy cheddar cheese that I had bought a while ago and had forgotten about it.

This smoked pepper flavored cheese had amazing aroma when I first opened the packet. Hunting for few more ingredients in my fridge I found some red and green bell pepper and some spring onion from my garden :) Eureka! What I did after that is all self-explanatory!

Click here for the recipe of baked samosa and how to use samosa strip.

Made around 20 samosas in 10 minutes. Greased each samosa with very little oil on both sides and baked them in 375F pre-heated oven for 20 minutes. You could make a big batch and bake just before your guests are about to arrive.

Spicy, cheesy, and fresh flavors from spring greens and bell pepper!! Delicious. I served these non-conventional samosas with fresh tomato salsa and the ingredients were all from a mexican cuisine! Hmmmm...I just made mexican samosas!

Enjoy these Mexican Samosas! :)


  1. hi Shital,

    thank you for the wonderful alternative.... my samosa strips are dried out when I defrost it. is there way to fix/ remoisten it rather than throwing out.

    1. Try dipping it in water and then work fast with it. Or keep it wrapped in moist cloth for sometime. It it does not work make baklava with the sheets.

    2. thanks Shital, I will try dipping in water...

  2. Hi shital,
    I want to know whether i candeep fry this samosas with cheese inside.