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Friday, September 20, 2013

Paneer Tikka

Dieting or die eating? Last Monday I started GM diet and Detox plan. If you haven't heard of it, it is a one week plan to detox and make you eat right with just one food group per day. It could be difficult to follow for some and a piece of cake for others. Do what is right for you!

Today, for my 5th day plan was a Sprout, Paneer and Tomato day! This was actually a treat! Had moong bean pancake for breakfast and lunch, had steamed moong sprouts for snack and a delicous paneer tikka platter for dinner. Yum Yum!

Here is the recipe of Tandoori masala. This is my friend Shimpa's recipe! If you remember the colorful cauliflower recipe I posted few days ago! I have never met Shimpa, we are facebook friends and it has been great knowing her online. I am directly putting her recipe here with my pictures :)

Shimpa's Tandoori masala
Gently warm 3 tbsp shahi jeera,4-5 green cardamoms,7-8 cloves,1tsp black peppercorns,1 inch piece cinnamon stick,3-4 blades of mace,1/4 piece of nutmeg over a warm tawa...take care to warm the whole spices gently and not brown or burn them...after switching off the gas,warm 1tbsp kasoori methi on the same the spices and grind to a fine powder.....mix in kashmiri/deghi mirch powder which is 3/4 the amount of the ground masala...whiz once more in the grinder and done. Cool and store.

Mix Hung yogurt, salt, chilli garlic paste, and tandoori masala.

Marinate paneer cubes, onions pieces and cubed bell pepper.
While these were marinating, went out for biking (my new exercise tool).

Grill on non stick grill!

Squeeze fresh lemon and sprinkle tangy chaat masala!

Enjoy this Oil Free Paneer and Veggie Platter!

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