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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wonton Soup

Just clear soup, is not what Snehanshu wants! So here is a fun appetizer, Wontons: our favorite! I make fried and steamed ones and they are great in soups too. With homemade veggie broth, this recipe is a delicious meal by itself.

Strain the veggies and the broth will be ready.

For the wonton filling: In a wok heat 2 tbsp. sesame oil. Saute finely chopped, ginger, garlic, bell pepper. Add finely chopped carrots, french beans, cabbage. Add salt. Cook till they are slightly tender. Add bit of vinegar. Let the mixture cool.
Using store bought square wonton wrappers, make tiny bite size wontons.
I like the nurse hat fold. they look so cute!
Put a tsp. of filling in the center.
Fold to form a triangle. Let the filling be in the center and not spread out.
Fold it once again.
Seal the opposite edges with water.
Here is our nurse hat fold of little bite size wonton. I learned this while I was in India and having been doing this since then. It should take 10-15 seconds to fold a wonton. Keep them all ready!

While I just need 6 wontons (3 per bowl of soup), I steam few and also try these as potstickers.

Steam in a bamboo steamer they they turn translucent.

 Here are my wonton potstickers.
If you have not not seen my potsticker recipe before, here it is: Potstickers

Few go in boiling vegetable broth.
Boil till they turn soft, delicate and translucent (1 minute).

Here are wonton potstickers ready to serve.
Great for tasting parties!
I was enjoying clicking pictures and plating them. These little wontons are so cute to see and so flavorful that they are fun to play with.

Delicious wonton soup garnished with sliced mushrooms, spring greens, and bean sprouts.


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