Shital's-Kitchen: Gud Papdi

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gud Papdi

Monday, 8th day of the festival and it was a busy work day for me. We had Back to School Night yesterday! Was in school until 9:00 pm, did my Ganesh Puja and Arti after returning from work. The quick Prashad/offering I could think of was a quick Gujarati sweet, Gud Papdi. It actually takes 7-10 minutes and is considered nutritious during winters. Gud is jaggery, which is a concentrate of sugar cane juice, sweet and iron rich. Papdi is thin, crisp pieces of wheat flour. So Gud Papdi is thin sweetened pieces made of wheat flour. Delicious, warm Gud Papdi in winter! Nostalgic!

Here is a quick recipe for Gud Papdi

Heat 1/3 cup of ghee/clarified butter and roast 1 cup of wheat flour in hot ghee on medium to low heat till it turns golden brown. It will start giving out an aroma. Turn off the heat. Stir for 30 seconds for the mixture to start cooling slightly.

Add 3/4 cup of chopped jaggery/gud and mix well. The heat from the pan and hot ghee and flour mixture will melt jaggery and make this mixture delicious and sweet.

At my mom's place we all like to eat our Gud Papdi warm. At this stage while it is warm and soft, my mom pours into a bowl where we can enjoy this with a spoon.

Pour the mixture into a greased plate/thali.

Sprinkle khuskhus or poppy seeds (optional)

Cut into pieces while still warm.

Cool and remove pieces.

Ganpati Bappa... Morya!